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We've analysed many Cloud estates and deployments to understand what makes businesses effective and efficient in the Cloud, and what kinds of cost and resource efficiencies can be acheived.

Which Clouds do you currently have presence in?

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Which AWS Services do you currently make use of?

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How much are you paying for each of your AWS Services?

Provide the combined cost per service, per month.

What is the current spend across each of your Cloud platforms

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What kinds of applications and services are you running on Cloud?

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What kind of technical resource do you have in your company?

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What is your technical resource cost per month?

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Rate your current of shipping and innovation.

Organisations that ship faster have a significant business advantage.
In the 2019 State of DevOps Report, "elite performing teams" were found to ship 100's of times faster than low performers, using a combination of software, processes and Cloud platforms.
For context, CapitalOne ship around 50 times per day, Amazon, Google, Netflix are in the thousands.
Source - 2019 State of DevOps Report
Needs to be better
We ship at pace

How sophisticated is your business when it comes to technology?

Tell us to what extent your company uses technology to operate and provide a competitive advantage.
For some businesses, technology is at the core of everything they do, for others, it is used to simply support the main business endeavour.
More sophisticated businesses have development teams, are data-driven in everything they do, and make use of many platforms, services and tools to continuously deliver value.
LackingAdequatePushing boundaries

Tell us more about you.

You made it!

Based on the information you provided us, we have calculated how much you could save on a monthly based and by what factor you can increase your shipping speed.

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