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Due to the rapid rate of change in technology and Cloud. Mature and Startup Businesses in service industries such as Finance, Healthcare, Marketing, Logistics, Energy and IoT, run the risk of; falling behind their competitors, non-compliance, spiralling Cloud costs, unable to hire and retain Cloud skills, loss of relevance.

We want to help businesses overcome these challenges and grow, in partnership with experts in their field.

Furnace Consulting Partners

Helping customers design, build, launch and manage applications on Furnace Furnace Consulting Partners are professional, consulting, or managed services firms that help customers of all types and sizes achieve their ‘data driven’ aims. These professional services firms include system integrators, strategic consultancies, agencies, managed service providers (MSPs), and value-added resellers.

Furnace Technology Partners

Providing applications or services on Furnace Furnace Technology Partners provide applications or services as integrated components on Furnace. Allowing customers to innovate and seamlessly design, model and launch their own ‘data driven’ applications. Furnace Technology Partners include, large ‘cloud native’ services, independent ‘cross-cloud’ products and industry specific applications.

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