The easiest way toDesign, Model and LaunchData-driven applications

Engage your whole team in designing, testing and getting your ‘data driven’ idea into production faster and more cost effectively than ever before

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A fresh approach to building applications

Build 10x Faster
Reduce Cloud Cost by up to 90%

1. Design

’Drag & Drop’ pre-built components, integrating 1000’s of API’s, Databases and Cloud Services to build ‘data driven’ apps 10x faster

2. Model

Dynamically model the cost of the component and application per transaction and achieve up to 90% savings

3. Launch

Once ready to test, commit the application via ‘Publish’. Everything is automatically versioned, audited and pushed into production.

4. Manage

See how your application performs in real time while managing business risk

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Use Cases

Build the future of Data Driven applications

FinTech & Financial Services
With a wide array of API’s and Financial platform integrations, Furnace is your place to build FinTech applications.
With over 7000+ MarTech platforms, you can build your perfect Marketing Stack.
With potentially millions of events from millions of devices, manage your entire IoT fleet with Furnace.
Health Care
Build data-driven HealthTech applications like, prognosis AI, value based healthcare, personalised medicine or internet of medical things.

FinDev - Value Driven Development

The convergence of Finance and Software Operations and its many advantages are embedded in Furnace.

Capex to Opex
Convert software operations from Capex (fixed costs) to Opex (variable costs). This means businesses can focus on marginal costs and value, making better decisions as a consequence.
Profitability and Value
Gain insight into a transaction’s revenue and cost relationship and understand how profitable and valuable that feature is to customers.
Identify Success
Combining the understood value and how often a feature is used relative to operating costs and revenue, a business can decide which transaction to invest in or eliminate.
Forecast Revenue and Cost
With understood cost, revenue, and profitability for each feature and transaction, a business can forecast future values and growth rate.
Focus on Growth
With growth rates anticipated, a business can focus on those transactions that will see increase in value and usage.
Minimise Business Risk
Moving to Serverless decreases DOL (Degree of Operating Leverage). Profit generation has a lower dependency upon fixed costs as features and services move over to variable cost infrastructure.
Lower Break-Even
As fixed costs are switched for variable costs, the break-even point of the business becomes lower.
Combining customer churn rate with how often a feature is used and its profitability, it is possible to understand which features are failing to serve customers and why.

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Some of the things you can build...

Furnace is you platform to rapidly build data-driven applications of all shapes and sizes.

  • Data Warehousing

    3 million Website Clickstream Events to Data Warehouse

    94% cost reduction

  • Marketing

    20,000 Facebook Ads Leads to Salesforce

    95% cost reduction

    Zapier Pro$189.00/mo
  • Marketing

    Ingest 3 million customer profiles and events

    94% cost reduction$450.00/mo

Our business model is dependent on the management of large, volatile, volumes of data, across a distributed and mobile network. Furnace made it possible to reduce our Cloud costs by almost 80% and allow our development team to get back to innovating instead of managing infrastructure.

Steve, FinTech CTO

From smart cities to marketing and security, vast new pools of data are unused or underemployed, both because of the scarcity of developer talent and the enormous commitment of time and money currently required to bring a complex application to market.”

The Furnace Framework

Our rapid development framework allows you to build Serverless apps in a fraction of the time.

Deploy in minutes. Pay as you go. Scale infinitely.

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